Wind’s Song – January 24 / 2024

Wind’s Song by Storey Tarris UK January 24, 2024 Commuter Series

I have been printing my digital photography for two months wiithout adding ink and I want to now add ink. I will continue printing on the business printer in February and I will begin selecting images to ink. 24/1/20024

There was a storm last night and the poems associated with this image are below:

Poems for January 24/2024

Windy walk today
puddles marking platform
gusts in the air fading.
by Emmy Horstkamp
Lion with Wings = Griffin
Moon with Face = New
Wind with Song = Eolion
Poem without words = heartbeat/an Eternity
by Emmy Horstkamp
First train arrives on time.
Storm gusts blowing
making griffins appear
guarding commuters - invaluable on rainy days.
by Emmy Horstkamp