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Digital Visual Asset – Commuter Series – Morning Commute by Storey Tarris UK

PeaPodPen Digital Visual Asset created by Storey Tarris UK January 17, 2024

The above image is part of Storey Tarris’ commuter series. The series documents a commute from the Fire Swamp to the city. The image is both in black and white for the Salaterre collaboration and in colour. The colour image has not been printed. The poems associated with this series of images are below.

Poems associated with Morning Commute

Morning please take care.
Unsympathetic winter
January - Cool.

By Emmy Horstkamp 17/1/2024
Missing the corner - so unfriendly.
Icy cold as in inhospitable.
Wizzing snaps - have you heard?

By Emmy Horstkamp 17/1/2024
What are you saying as in missing... Please.
Morning train moves, wizzing snaps.
Have you hear -- quiet --
Piano keys on the train.
Falling asleept, must be somewhere else.

By Emmy Horstkamp 17/1/2024