Rainy Workday /Asset /January / 2024

Storey Tarris Commuter Series January 8, 2024

A storm passed through Cambridgeshire and left the fire swamp filled with with puddles. It is winter, and the challenge in photographing the landscape after the yellow storm is having the image represent puddles and not snow.

Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series 8-1-2024 B/W (not printed)
color digital print dated for peapodpen.com by Storey Tarrris UK

Each digital asset is printed once for the PeaPodPen archive. The image printed is the first image on the website and is date stamped by Storey Tarris UK as part of her memory series. This date stamped image will only appear on this page on peapodpen.com and in the one print. The stamped print may be photographed but no permissions are granted for reprinting of the digital image Rainy Workday by Storey Tarris UK from January 9, 2024.