Land of Thoughts / Asset / Jannuary / 2024

Photograph by Storey Tarriis UK
Poem by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024

Emmy Horstkamp and Storey Tarris UK are doing a collaboration on the Salaterre Art Website.

The poem above was written on January 16, 2024 after an early morning commute from the fire swamp to Cambridge, UK. Storey Tarris UK uses an iphone to take photographs of the commute to and from work. Emmy Horstkamp uses the digital image to write poetry about a morning commute which are posted on Salaterre

Emmy Horstkamp uses the short poems written from Storey Tarris UK’s photography art to write a longer Storeyean poem. Storeyean poetry is a Storey Tarris UK art project found on Fox Raven Press.